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Carpets can hide a great deal of dirt that can inflame or even be the cause of breathing issues such asthma. Simply vacuuming carpets will is not enough. Although it’s recommended to vacuum your carpets at least three times a week, you should turn to the services offered by Professional Carpet Cleaners in Solihull at least once a month. This recommendation doesn’t just guarantee a healthy workspace; it ensures that your carpets will last longer too! Professional carpet cleaning provides a deep clean to your carpets, removing trapped pollutants. The most common pollutants found in dirty carpets include pet dander, dust, cockroach allergens and particle pollution.

Besides, airborne gases can also carry particles that are eventually trapped inside the carpets. These particles are released when you walk on the carpet or vacuum it and contaminate the air. Our professional carpet cleaning service in Solihull will clean your carpets using special carpet shampoos that get rid of the impurities hidden deep in the carpet fibres. Mould is another problem you should pay close attention to, especially if you’re office becomes humid during summer months.

Dirty carpets can easily develop mould especially in rainy days, as moisture and water can be tracked onto them. If the water isn’t dried immediately, the carpet can absorb it, hence providing the right conditions for mould to develop. If you have your carpets cleaned professionally, you will manage to avoid the long term effects of mould and mildew. All-Clean Support Services provide a top quality carpet cleaning service. We use a modern Prochem Polaris machine and Prochem chemicals which have a worldwide reputation for outstanding performance in the professional, commercial and institutional cleaning sectors. Our team of well trained Solihull carpet cleaners will seek out and get rid of microscopic mites that often hide in carpet fibres.

You may be surprised to find out that you have a serious dust mite invasion without even knowing it! Unfortunately the effects of this type of invasion will only be noticed when your employees start developing allergic reactions and sick days start incresing. Although dust mites are not considered to be allergens, they can shed all kinds of body fragments that have the ability to become allergens. Dust mites can be eliminated only a thorough steam cleaning because of the high temperatures used during the process.

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