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When looking for cleaners in Evesham there are a number of aspects, which should be considered. The experience of the cleaning company is important as are the policies relating to training, client services and of course, the environment. The machinery and cleaning materials used by the cleaning company should be examined and understood, as different cleaning companies can take very different approaches.

At All Clean Support Services we are proud to have over 10 years experience of cleaning offices and industrial warehousing facilities. This decade of experience allows us to professionally and efficiently assess the cleaning needs of a client. Once your specific cleaning requirements have been assessed, we will create a bespoke cleaning regime which suits you and your business. These regimes can range from daily cleaning to weekly or monthly visits. Many companies find that the quote they receive from prospective suppliers does not include all the costs. All quotes supplied by ACSS not only include all the costs of the cleaning service, they are designed to be easy to read and more importantly understand. Our quote will be delivered to you within 2 working days unless there has been a mutual agreement otherwise.

The quote, when delivered will be available in hard and digital format. Unlike many other Evesham cleaning companies we do not employ a one size fits all theory. All of our services are tailored to your individual company needs. To ensure that we offer the best personalised service, we also offer a range of supporting services which compliment our cleaning service. These services will include a complete commercial window cleaning service, washroom supply stocking and carpet cleaning using the latest deep cleaning machinery.

When our cleaners work will depend on your cleaning requirements and the time most convenient for you and your team. Many clients wish for the cleaners to visit out of business hours so staff return each morning to a clean office. Other clients rather have us visit during the day. Either way, our cleaners are trained to be as discrete as possible in order to limit any distraction to your staff. Employing the latest technology, our cleaners tackle the dirt and grime in any office or commercial space. Even in the most demanding of environments, we have the experience and the team to meet your specific requirements.

All-Clean Support Services Ltd.
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All-Clean Support Services Ltd
Unit 71  l  Basepoint Business Centre
Bromsgrove  l  Worcestershire  l  B60 3ET

Telephone: 0800 980 2374
Fax: 01527 834629


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