First Impressions Count

As the well-told adage goes, “you only get one chance to make a first impression”. So you have to make it count. On a day to day basis, we frequently form snap judgements about the people we meet, and equally, the places we visit. Even though we believe it wrong to form these speedy judgements, we do so subconsciously and within just a few short seconds.

What are your clients thinking when they walk through your door for the first time? The three things may be a little different to what you’re expecting:

  1. The people - People are drawn to other people.
  2. The smells - Smells really aren’t how you want to be remembered.
  3. Cleanliness - A clean business is a professional business.


Before that important meeting or presentation, we put our focus into polishing and perfecting our pitch. We will likely pick out our favourite suit to wear too; before arriving to work to deliver an impressive presentation and building fantastic rapport.


However, if our reception area and meeting rooms aren’t as polished and presentable, we will have a really difficult time winning the business.


We may have a commercial premises packed with state of the art equipment and have employed the most professional, bubbly receptionist to welcome our guests. However, if on their arrival, our guests are greeted by an un-emptied bin, dirt trampled into the carpets or dust covering our reception desk, we will be making an impression for all the wrong reasons.


First impressions are at the core of nearly all business interactions, so it’s crucial to make them count. It needn’t be costly either.

When it comes to our offices or other commercial premises, the most effective way to safeguard our reputation and make a great first impression is cleanliness. It’s cost-effective too.

Office reception
5 ways to make a sparkling first impression

Have your business premises cleaned regularly and efficiently by contracting a professional cleaning company you can trust and one that doesn’t cut any corners. Having the professionals do the cleaning for you will free up more time to focus on other aspects of your business.
Educate your staff on best cleaning practices to guarantee a pleasant work environment. Encourage your employees to eat in designated work areas, throw their rubbish straight away and be responsible for keeping their own workspace tidy.
Make it easy for employees to keep their workplace clean by providing cleaning sprays, cloths, paper towels and a sufficient amount of bins. Invest in functional storage to keep surfaces uncluttered.
Make a pleasant, enjoyable work environment by investing in some nice artwork that is vibrant but not too distracting. Or why not get some flowers or plants for reception to bring a little added life.
And finally, put yourself in your clients’ shoes. Take a walk through your main entrance and have a look at your surroundings. Take a seat in the waiting area and in the chair across your desk that your client will sit at. Seeing your space from a different perspective will give you some great ideas on what you could change.

When our clients begin to work with All-Clean Support Services for the first time, we start by listening to their needs and mapping out an effective cleaning schedule, using our expertise to help them make those vital first impressions. Get in touch with us on 01527 834626 or by email at to find out how we can help you.

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