5 Tips for Choosing The Best Cleaning Company in the West Midlands

When you are searching Google for a Cleaning Company in the West Midlands, how do you choose between all the results? There are so many cleaning companies to choose from! To help you make the right decision, first time we have compiled a list of 5 handy tips, to help you sort the probables from the improbable. The key to finding the right partner comes down to the type of service they provide. Reliability, training, quality assurance and account management should all play a part in the decision making process. We supply cleaners in Worcestershire and across the Midlands to over 60 client sites. Over the last 10 years, we have gained plenty of experience and hope these questions get you moving in the right direction.

1. Ask Colleagues and Friends At networking events ask those you meet, who they use and find out about the type of service they provide. Recommendations are a great way of finding a reliable cleaning company in the West Midlands. You don’t want a cleaning company who promise the earth only to disappoint in delivery.
2. Look at their track record A new business can provide you very competitive quotes, but these come at the expense of a track record. A cleaning business with many years of experience behind them will be able to provide advice and make recommendations to ensure you get the right service for your business. We visit every client site and make a full assessment of the cleaning requirements. Every quote is created specifically to meet the unique requirements of the job spec.
3. Are the cleaners trained on the latest equipment? Depending on the type of cleaning required, special training and specialist machinery may be required. Find out what experience prospective suppliers have and if they have the required skills to operate on time and on budget. If your business is in the West Midlands, look for a cleaning company in the West Midlands that already serves local business. Where does their expertise lie?
4. Make sure the business is provided with insurance and compliance Cleaning companies have to deal with countless regulatory issues such as health, safety and utilization of hazardous substances. That’s why you should make sure the team has the right skills, accreditation and an appropriate insurance cover. Ask about their stance on using eco friendly cleaning materials and cleaning fluids.
5. Where do they hire cleaners from? If your business is in the West Midlands, you don’t want your regular cleaning team travelling up from Birmingham! You need cleaners in the West Midlands, hired from the local area. Once winter snow sets in, only local teams will reach your office or factory. Don’t be left high and dry in bad weather, hire a local cleaning company.

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