High Quality Cleaning

This could mean anything from cleaning the inside of the refrigerator to the desks being cleaned thoroughly every clean. Make sure that you know what your definition is and that you convey it well. Give specifics so that the contractor is clear as to what level of detail you are expecting from their service.

Consistency of the Cleaning

How important is it to you that the company provides the same service or level of service every time? Is it really necessary to clean the desks 5 days per week or would a weekly clean be sufficient? Would you like the areas visited by your customers to receive more attention than those areas rarely used? Or do you prefer that they do exactly the same thing each time? Look for companies that have excellent training programs and can send the same people out each time.

Low Price

There is nothing wrong with trying to save a pound or two, just remember there is a price to pay for that low price. Make sure that you are willing to pay it or you and your colleagues and staff will definitely NOT feel like you have the best company cleaning for you. It could be anything from not being a company that fulfills it's legal obligations to not having experience or not offering a reliable service. You get to decide.

Quality Customer Service

If you have a cleaning service for any length of time, there will be issues that crop up. Some of these will be very minor. Maybe the emptying of a waste bin is being missed. Some of them may be larger. Excellent customer service means that each of these issues is treated the same. With urgency, respectfully, thoroughly and to completion. What is the companies complaints procedure and their stated response times? Do they carry out regular site inspections and will they meet with you regularly?

Trustworthy Company

Who and how do they hire? Who manages the people who will be cleaning your premises - or will they be managed at all? Check to see how transparent the company is about things that have gone wrong in the past and how they have fixed those issues. A trust worthy company should also be able to provide solid references to back up their service. 

Length of Time in Business

Cleaning companies come and go almost as fast as the rain. If you don't want to be going through this process all over again in a few months or even years, this is a good bit of information to find out. Check the web site. They don't have one? Question answered.

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