GP Surgery Cleaning or Clinic Cleaning – are you ready for when the CQC inspector comes to call?

So, the day of your CQC (Care Quality Commission) inspection has finally arrived and you take a deep breath and hope that all your hard work, efforts and meticulous preparation will prove to be enough and enable the Inspectors to award your medical facility an “Outstanding” rating.


I have witnessed first-hand, the immense amount of work and effort that is required from staff, when preparing for a CQC inspection at a medical facility. When the day of the inspection finally arrives, nerves are beyond frazzled and staff are jittery.   


Of course, the cleanliness and safety of your facility will be paramount in the minds of the CQC Inspectors.  So, ask yourself, is your facility hygienic, clean and safe for your patients at all times, not just when the Inspector comes to call?


At All-Clean Support Services, we know exactly what it takes to achieve a clean and hygienic medical facility, ensuring a safe environment for your patients and staff all year round, and not just on the day of your inspection.


So, how does All-Clean Support Services accomplish this?

For a number of years now, All-Clean Support Services has provided the required exceptional standard of cleaning services to a number of GP surgery’s in and around the West Midlands.  More recently, we were excited to be awarded a contract to provide cleaning services to a private eye clinic based in South Birmingham.


‘’It has been a pleasure to work with All-Clean Support Services. I feel that they carefully recruited our team, selecting individuals who have pride in what they do to ensure that our clinic maintains the very highest standards of cleanliness which is audited monthly and noted by our patients in their feedback to us.’’ 

Clinic Manager

The Litmus Test – At All Clean Support Services we ensure that we understand and comply with the requirements of The Health and Social Care Act.  Take a look, and ask yourself, does your current cleaning contractor measure up?


By the way, This extract has been taken from and illustrates the standards that your CQC Inspector will be expecting to see ……….

Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014: Regulation 15

The intention of this regulation is to make sure that the premises where care and treatment are delivered are clean, suitable for the intended purpose, maintained and where required, appropriately located, and that the equipment that is used to deliver care and treatment is clean, suitable for the intended purpose, maintained, stored securely and used properly. Providers retain legal responsibility under these regulations when they delegate responsibility through contracts or legal agreements to a third party, independent suppliers, professionals, supply chains or contractors. They must therefore make sure that they meet the regulation, as responsibility for any shortfall rests with the provider.

15(1)(a) clean,

  • Premises and equipment must be kept clean and cleaning must be done in line with current legislation and guidance.


As Corporate members of the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) we are knowledgeable in the most up to date cleaning methods and the most effective cleaning products available. We keep ourselves fully informed of the requirements of current legislation in regard to the cleanliness of medical facilities.


  • Premises and equipment should be visibly clean and free from odours that are offensive or unpleasant.


Simon Dixon, Managing Director of All-Clean Support Services will meet with you to provide you with a bespoke quotation, unique only to your facility, offer advice and discuss your requirements and carry out a survey which will be result in the production of your Cleaning Schedule.  This will ensure that your premises and various equipment will be cleaned to the highest of standards by our team of fully trained and courteous cleaners, making your facility clean, hygienic and free from odours.


  • Providers should: use appropriate cleaning methods and agents 


ACSS provides specialised cleaning materials. Our cleaners will be using cleaning products that are not only effective but which also have the least landfill and transportation impact.  Staff are fully trained to BICSc standards and are aware of how to use cleaning equipment properly, for example All-Clean Support Services ensure that rigorous steps are taken to avoid cross contamination and we use products which are effective against bacteria including MRSA.


  • Operate a cleaning schedule appropriate to the care and treatment being delivered from the premises or by the equipment


We will provide you with a Cleaning Specification document which details the specific cleaning tasks to be carried out by our cleaning team. This ensures that nothing is missed and a documented cleaning schedule is available at any inspection.



  • Monitor the level of cleanliness. 


 All Clean Support Services has earned ISO9001:2015 accreditation for our quality             management systems.

       We carry out a documented cleaning audit of our clients’ facilities every 6 weeks to monitor the level of cleanliness and to ensure our high standards are being upheld.  We also carry out regular customer satisfaction surveys, 97% of which report that they are “highly satisfied with ACSS’ service and would recommend them to others”


  • Take action without delay when any shortfalls are identified.


All-Clean Support Services undertake to act in response to any service issues within 24 hours and we keep the client informed in regard to the steps we are taking to rectify any shortfall.


  • Make sure that staff with responsibility for cleaning have appropriate training. 


ACSS’ cleaning team are fully trained, mentored and receive ongoing training pertinent to their role and responsibilities.  They are very often key holders and will have been strictly vetted at interview and will have been through the CRB checking process.


  • Domestic, clinical and hazardous waste and materials must be managed in line with current legislation and guidance


The management of waste materials will be discussed, and agreement reached, as to the best way forward.  Staff will have been trained to identify the different types of waste evident in medical facilities and will be able to deal with it appropriately.


If you would like to find out more about how All Clean Support Services can assist you in ensuring that your medical facility meets the standards of cleanliness required then please call Simon Dixon our Managing Director on 01527 834626 or email

We will be with you every step of the way to help you with your cleaning requirements as part of your preparations for when the CQC Inspector comes to call.



Visit for more information on our policy on health and safety legislation. 


For more information about legislation and guidance for cleaning services, visit

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