3 Tips for Cleaning Office Carpets

When it comes to finding the right carpet cleaners in Evesham for your office or showroom, careful consideration needs to be given to the cleaning technique employed and the frequency with which this technique is applied. Grime, grease, dirt and dust collect in the fibers of carpets.

In high traffic areas like office flooring, this build up can not only reduce the lifespan of the carpet but also act as a breeding ground for germs. A clean healthy office provides a healthy environment for your employees and reduces the number of days taken by employees for sick leave. Follow these three tips and find the right carpet cleaners in Evesham for your business.

1. What cleaning process do they employ? Carpet manufacturers across the board recommend “steam cleaning” as the preferred method of cleaning carpets. Also known as “Warm or Hot water extraction” this is the only method that will deliver a “DEEP CLEAN”. Steam is not actually used in the process, rather, a fine spray of water is used to force dirt and grime out of the fibers, after which it is quickly sucked back up in the machine. Detergent is mixed in with the fine spray of water to effect a deep clean of your carpets.
2. What type of machinery will be used? Older machinery can be inefficient and use detergents that are not considered ECO FRIENDLY. Ask the carpet cleaners in Evesham what type of machinery they use and ask about their commitment to using eco friendly cleaning products. Ask for a Prochem Polaris machine and Prochem chemicals which have a worldwide reputation for outstanding performance in the professional, commercial and institutional cleaning sectors.
3. How often and by whom do they receive training? Operating this complex machinery requires training. The carpet cleaning operative needs to understand the requirements of different fibers and be able to apply the appropriate formula to each surface. Failure to apply the appropriate solution can result in damaged carpet fibers which will dramatically reduce the lifespan of your carpets. When looking for carpet cleaners in Evesham, make sure the cleaning company employ Steam Cleaning, using Prochem Polaris machines that operate with eco friendly chemicals. Ask about the people who will be using the machines and how they have been trained. Taking this information into account will help you select the right team for the job.

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