Window Cleaning in Evesham

There are many benefits to employing a regular window cleaning service. Dirty windows not only block out light but can also set a bad impression. When looking at Evesham window cleaning services available, it is important to understand the cleaning method employed.

At ACSS we use only the Reach and Wash System which provides our clients with a host of benefits. Privacy is needed in any office environment as confidential information is processed and disruptions can be caused.

With the reach and wash system clients are ensured privacy as our cleaners do not use ladders.
This also lessens the disturbance often caused by window washers who are elevated to the window level. The effectiveness and efficiency of the Reach and Wash System cannot be surpassed. The system uses pure water without any detergents which may leave residue behind.

As the window does not have residue left they will also stay cleaner for a longer period.
By using this system our cleaners are able to clean windows and frames at the same time. Windows which would normally be hard to reach are no problem for our trained team of window cleaners in Evesham. Many companies worry when their window cleaners are on high access equipment and ladders as injury is always a possibility. With the system our cleaners use there is no need for ladders or any other kind of high access equipment. This not only ensures the safety of our staff but the client’s staff as well.

Any health and safety regulations will not be affected by the use of this system.
The reach and wash system is also more eco-friendly than many of the other methods being used. The pure water used will also remove algae from atria. The system will also reach over any flower beds and lawns that may be in front of the office.

You do not have to worry about the water costs as we will bring our own pure water.
We also verify that we are able to clean the windows of any 3 storey building within Evesham. We will also be willing to come and clean your windows at any time of day which is convenient for you.

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All-Clean Support Services Ltd
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Telephone: 0800 980 2374
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